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AJ’s Electrical is a Tauranga based team of licensed and highly skilled electrical trade professionals who specialise in the supply, maintenance and installation of Tauranga solar systems. With over 4 years in the newly booming industry. As more and more customers realise the potential savings and environmental footprint of installing solar systems for electricity and heating the AJ’s team has adopted solar and have been providing Tauranga clients with highly efficient and reliable solar systems since early 2015.

The Company provides a free quote, design and installation service. AJ’s Electrical have the knowledge, expertise and commitment to work closely with our clients to deliver a high quality, cost effective installation on time every time. Each contract is tailored to our client’s requirement, surrounding budget and time. We have a dedicated team of professionals to manage each project from conception to completion.

We've Installed over 650 solar systems to date!

Case Studies:

SEANZ analysed data from 21 residential solar power systems installed on New Zealand homes.

Real performance data from these solar power systems has shown in every scenario the return on investment figure (the lowest being 5.42% ROI) was higher than the current average bank interest rates of 2.5%.

Three key factors that affected the financial results included;

The upfront cost of the solar power system – because of the wide range in prices, participants that shopped around gained better financial results. The self-consumption rate – those who installed timers and utilised their solar power during the day off-set expensive electricity costs. High electricity prices – people with high electricity prices benefitted more.
For some participants installing solar power it was largely a financial choice, but even those participants recognised that there were several other benefits of going solar, primarily environmental conservation and energy independence.

Read on to understand the value to solar PV to these average kiwi homeowners & download the complete study here.

Design Supply & Install




We use reliable high quality products.

  • Solax
  • Enphase
  • Trina Solar PV Panels

We have also done installs with ABB, Fronius, Solar Edge & LG Chem and more!

I would like to thank the team at AJ’s for the great solar installation on our property.

We first reached out to one of the national franchised solar companies and it took 3 months for them to return our call, when we called back they sent a rep out who seemed to be adamant that we finance our system to make it “easier” we told him that we were not in need of finance but he still insisted on talking about it. We then called AJ’s and within 3 days You were out at our property doing a measure and later that day a quote arrived. 2 weeks later we had the system installed and have been getting power bills of $45 a month instead of the usual $250 plus. We are on track to make our initial investment back in under 4 years.

We found the staff from AJ’s to be knowledgeable, efficient and really good to deal with

I would (and do) happily recommend AJ’s to any household looking at a solar solution.

Thanks, Nick and Steph

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AJ’s Electrical are specialists in electrical contracting and handle all aspects of the electrical trade from replacing a light bulb (lamp), power point or phone jack in your home or office – though to commercial fit outs and installation to a brand new home and everything in between.